SGT has developed strategic partnerships to provide lease to buy options for our commercial customers.


Expanding or retrofitting your facility can be capital intensive. When you upgrade your lighting, it is the OPTIMAL USE of the LIGHTS (ASSET), not the OWNERSHIP that will increase your profits.  Shrewd financial management dictates that you should PAY for the LIGHTS (EQUIPMENT) as you use them, over there USEFUL LIFE.  The Lighting then PAYS FOR ITSELF in increased revenue and lower power consumption.

“Buy assets that appreciate, Lease assets that depreciate.”

LEASING is the preferred sensible source of financing

CONSERVES CAPITAL: The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on a company’s cash is typically much higher than the cost of leasing. The cash you conserve and the increases in production will earn significantly more than the lease will cost.

EXPANDS CREDIT LINES: Conserves bank lines for working capital uses, opportunity purchases, and emergency situations.

PAYMENTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE and receive preferred tax treatment.  LEASE payments are made with PRE-TAX dollars.  CASH purchases are made with after tax dollars, plus the LOSS OF INCOME on the cash over the life of the lease. 

  • Bank financing allows only for interest deductions as an operating expense.  The equipment must be depreciated over its useful life.  This means you might still be depreciating the equipment years after the bank loan is paid off! 
  • Leasing Provides Virtually 100% financing as opposed to the 65% to 70% financing from conventional bank loans or sales contracts. 
  • Easy to Budget and manage any capital asset acquisition! Operating leases are one of the most common forms of off-balance-sheet financing. In these cases, the asset itself is kept on the lessor’s balance sheet, and the lessee reports only the required rental expense for use of the asset.
  • Fixed payment protects against rising costs and takes advantage of inflation.  Future payments are made with cheaper dollars. 
  • Less Paperwork, with a simplified process that saves both time and money.

10% Buy-out / Fair Market Value Buy-out

  • You write off 100% of the payments
  • Off balance sheet financing

At The End Of The Lease You May:

  • Purchase equipment for 10% of original equipment cost
  • Renew the lease at Fair Market Rentals
  • Continue on a month to month basis
  • Trade in the lights for new equipment / new lease
  • Return equipment in original condition (normal wear and tear) to SGT at your expense.
 All leases are subject to credit approval